A. Tendi

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Christie, James, the younger   Disquisitions Upon The Greek Vases, And Their Probable Connection With The Shows Of The Eleusinian And Other Mysteries. By James Christie, A Member Of The Society Of Dilettanti. - London: 1825.   
Society of Dilettanti (London)   Specimens Of Antient Sculpture, Ægyptian, Etruscan, Greek, And Roman: Selected From Different Collections In Great Britain By The Society Of Dilettanti. Vol. I. (II.) - London: 1809. (-1835.)   
Engravings And Etchings Of The Principal Statues, Busts, Bass-reliefs, Sepulchral Monuments, Cinerary Urns, &c. In The Collection Of Henry Blundell, Esq. At Ince. Vol. I. (II.)   - [1809]