William Thompson

Born: ca. 1730 in Dublin
Died: 1800
Portrait painter; Assistant Secretary of the Society of Artists, 1770-1775
Works of Art: 0
Books: 0
Archives: 25
SA/43/7    John Hamilton, Putney, Surry [to the Directors]    21 Dec 1774    Item   
SA/40/1    R. E. Pine, St Martin's Lane, to [George] Stubbs    25 Jun 1771    Item   
SA/40    Records of account    1771-1773    Series   
SA/39/66    [James] Hook, great piazza, to [William] Thompson    [1772]    Item   
SA/39/63    R. H. Coles [?], East India House, to [William] Thompson    16 Jun 1773    Item   
SA/39/62    Joseph Wright, Derby, to [William] Thomson    06 Jun 1773    Item   
SA/39/61    James Christie, Pall Mall, to [William] Thompson    07 May 1773    Item   
SA/39/59    Joseph Wright, Derby, to [William] Tompson    25 Mar 1773    Item   
SA/39/57    Joseph Wright, Derby, to William Thompson    14 Mar 1773    Item   
SA/39/53    Thomas Rogers, to William Thomson    05 Oct 1772    Item   
SA/39/52    J. Rowlandson, to William Thompson    25 Nov 1772    Item   
SA/39/51    [François Hippolyte] Barthelemon, Dean Street, Soho, to [William] Thomson    05 Nov 1772    Item   
SA/39/50    [François Hippolyte] Barthelemon, Dean Street, to [William] Thomson    30 Oct 1772    Item   
SA/39/35    R. Browne, Abingdon Street, to William Thompson    06 Apr 1772    Item   
SA/38/21    William Thompson, Kings Bench Prison, to the President, Directors and Fellows    19 Jun 1770    Item   
SA/36/2    William Thomson to Joshua Kirby    05 Sep 1769    Item   
SA/34/9    Printed circular letter from James Paine, R. E. Pine, R. Paton, O. Humphry, W. Marlow, L. Sullivan, W. Thomson, Castle Tavern, Henrietta-Street    08 Oct 1768    Item   
SA/34/1    William Thomson, to the President [Joshua Kirby]    06 Dec 1768    Item   
SA/31/36    Bill for travel expenses    15 Oct [1767]    Item   
SA/23/21    Opinion of William Whitaker, Attorney    15 Oct 1767    Item   
SA/18/12    W. Thompson, to the President [Joshua Kirby]    06 Dec 1768    piece   
SA/15/14    [Richard] Brompton [?], Broad Street, to [William] Thompson    06 May 1771    Item   
SA/15/10    [Robert Edge Pine?], [to James Paine]    27 Mar 1771    Item   
SA/15/1    Draft minutes of the Committee for the regulation of the Academy    11 Feb 1771    Item   
SA    Incorporated Society of Artists of Great Britain, papers    1759-1807    Fonds