Philippe Joseph Tassaert

Born: 1732
Died: 1803
History painter; president of the Society of Artists, 1776-77
Works of Art: 0
Books: 0
Archives: 10
AND/6    Anderdon volume 6    1785-1787    File   
SA/43/56    Card announcing the move of Society of Artists from the exhibition room in the Strand to Philips's great room, near Air Street, Piccadilly    [1777]    Item   
SA/43/55    Newspaper cutting of advertisement for Tassaert's museum    [1777]    Item   
SA/43/54    Card bearing a notice from Mr Tassaert, Director of the Grand Exhibition or Museum of Arts and Sciences, relating to the exhibition room in the Strand    [1777]    Item   
SA/43/17    George Miles, Prince's Street, St Anne's [to Philippe Joseph Tassaert]    31 Jul 1777    Item   
SA/43/16    Printed notice of plan for an exhibition of arts and sciences    31 Mar 1777    Item   
SA/43    Miscellaneous papers    1771-1789, 1807    Series   
SA/41/8    P. J. Tassaert, George Street, to John Hamilton    27 May 1774    Item   
SA/41/5    J. H. [John Hamilton], [to John Smart and Philippe Joseph Tassaert]    27 May 1774    Item   
SA/41/4    [George] Sykes, Piccadilly, to the President, Directors and Fellows    01 Jun [1773]    Item