Henry Spicer

Born: 1742/3 in Reepham, Norfolk
Died: 1804
Miniature and enamel painter; secretary of the Society of Artists, 1772-3
Works of Art: 0
Books: 0
Archives: 5
HU/6/145-146    [draft] Ozias Humphry, to Mrs. Udny    20 Dec 1807    Item   
HU/2/128    Ozias Humphry, to Henry Spicer, Lieutenant in His Majesty's Navy, Cannon Coffee House, Charing Cross, London    30 Aug 1782    Item   
HU/2/14    H. Spicer, London, to Ozias Humphry, at the English Coffee House, Rome    30 Aug 1774    Item   
HU/2/2    H. Spicer, London, to Mr. Humphry, English Coffee House, Rome    9 Jan 1774    Item   
SA/43/7    John Hamilton, Putney, Surry [to the Directors]    21 Dec 1774    Item