Benjamin Vandergucht

Born: 1752
Died: 16 September 1794
Royal Academy student from: 1769 to:
Painter and picture dealer, in London. Son of engraver, draughtsman and art dealer Gerard van der Gucht (1696 or 97 - 1776).

Most authorities give his year of birth as 1753 on the basis of his self-portrait signed and dated 1780 giving his age as 27 [Coll.: Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas]. However in 'The Life and Works of Benjamin Vandergucht (1752-1794)' by Stephen Benson (privately published 2012) it states that he was baptised at St George's Bloomsbury on 11th October 1752.
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Archives: 4
AND/8/172    Benjamin Vandergucht, London, to Thomas Harvey, Catton, Norwich    2 Jan 1793    Item   
AND/8/9    Anderdon's list of exhibitors at the 1791 Academy exhibition, and newspaper cuttings    [c.1870]    Item   
AND/2/146    Cutting from a sales catalogue: Lot 75, Benjamin Vandergucht to Thomas Harvey, Catton, Norwich, 2 Jan 1793    Feb 1863    Item   
REY/1/23    Pocket book    1786    Item