Thomas Tegg

Born: 1776
Died: 1846
Publisher, in London. Father of publisher William Tegg (1816-95).
Works of Art: 0
Books: 2
Archives: 0
Elmes, James   A General And Bibliographical Dictionary Of The Fine Arts. Containing Explanations Of The Principal Terms Used In The Arts of Painting, Sculpture, Architecture, and Engraving, In All Their Various Branches; Historical Sketches Of The Rise And Progress Of Their Different Schools; Descriptive Accounts Of The Best Books And Treatises On The Fine Arts; And every useful Topic connected therewith. - By James Elmes, M.R.I.A. Architect; Author of "Lectures on Architecture;" "The Life of Sir Christopher Wren;" "An Essay on the Law of Dilapidations," &c. &c. [Epigraph] - London: 1826.   
Pilkington, Matthew   A General Dictionary Of Painters; Containing Memoirs Of The Lives And Works Of The Most Eminent Professors of the Art of Painting. From Its Revival By Cimabue, In The Year 1250, To The Present Time. By Matthew Pilkington, A.M. A New Edition, Corrected And Revised, With An Introduction, Historical And Critical, And Twenty-Six New Lives Of Artists Of The British School, By Allan Cunningham. - London: 1840.