George Roake

Born: before 1820
Died: 1864
Bookseller, stationer, printer, in London. Traded as Roake & Varty 1831-47.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 2
Archives: 0
Chronological Pictures Of English History. Designed & Drawn By John Gilbert.   - London. [ca. 1847?]   
Harris, Moses   The Natural System of Colours Wherein is displayed the regular and beautiful Order and Arrangement, Arising from the Three Premitives, Red, Blue, and Yellow, The manner in which each Colour is formed, and its Composition, The dependance they have on each other, and by their Harmonious Connections Are produced the Teints, or Colours, of every Object in the Creation, And those Teints, tho' so numerous as 660, are all comprised in Thirty Three Terms, only By Moses Harris, Author of the Aurelian, &c. &c. - [between 1769 and 1776?]