William Upcott

Born: 1779
Died: 1845
Antiquary, autograph collector. Natural son of Ozias Humphry, R.A.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 5
Archives: 46
The Exhibition, Or A Second Anticipation: Being Remarks on the principal Works to be Exhibited next Month, at the Royal Academy; By Roger Shanhagan, Gent. - [Epigraph from Marcus Aurelius]   - London [1779]   
Royal Academy of Arts (London)   Abstract Of The Instrument of Institution and Laws Of The Royal Academy of Arts In London. - Established December 10, 1768. - - [1797]   
An Essay In Two Parts, On The Necessity and Form Of A Royal Academy For Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. - [Epigraph from Cicero]   - London: 1755. Price Six-pence.   
Boyle, Frederick   Memoirs Of Thomas Dodd, William Upcott, And George Stubbs, R.A. - Liverpool. 1879.   
An Essay On Design: Including Proposals for Erecting a Public Academy To be Supported by Voluntary Subscriptions (Till a Royal Foundation can be obtain'd) For Educating the British Youth In Drawing, And the several Arts depending thereon . [Epigraph from Horace]   - London [1749]   
HU//7/87-88    Duchess of Dorset, Gros[venor] Place, to [William] Upcott    4 May 1810    Item   
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HU//7/84    William Upcott, London Institution, Old Jewry, to James White, Exeter    9 Mar 1810    Item   
HU//7/80    O[zias] H[umphry], to [William] Upcott    [30 Nov 1809]    Item   
HU//7/75    James White, Mascall's Hotel, Adelphi, to Ozias Humphry, at Revd. Mr. Humphry's, Sevenoaks, Kent    6 Sep 1809    Item   
HU//7/70    Ozias Humphry, Thornhaugh Street, to James White, Exeter    14 Aug 1804    Item   
HU//7/69    Ozias Humphry, to William Upcott, London Institution, Old Jury    11 Aug 1809    Item   
HU//7/64    Ozias Humphry, to William Upcott, London Institutionm, Old Jury    20 Jul 1809    Item   
HU//7/58    Ozias Humphry, Thornhaugh St., to William Upcott    7 Jul [1809]    Item   
HU//7/52    Ozias Humphry, to William Upcott, London Institution, Old Jury    [1809]    Item   
HU//7/51    Ozias Humphry, to William Upcott, London Institution, Old Jury    2 Jun 1809    Item   
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HU/7/1v    James White, Exeter, to William Upcott, London Institution    5 Feb 1819    Item   
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HU/6/98    Ozias Humphry, to William [Upcott]    31 Dec 1806    Item   
HU/6/97    Ozias Humphry, to William Upcott, London Institution    24 Dec 1806    Item   
HU/6/96    Ozias Humphry, to [William] Upcott    [c.1806]    Item   
HU/6/92iii    Ozias Humphry, 5 Travers Lodge, to William Upcott, secretary to the London Institution, Old Jury, London    18 Oct 1806    Item   
HU/6/92i    Ozias Humphry, to William Upcott    [Oct 1806]    Item   
HU/6/91    William Ozias Humphry, Office for Taxes, to Mr. Upcott, London Institution, Old Jewry    16 Oct 1806    Item   
HU/6/90    J. Gardiner, Travers Lodge, Windsor, to Ozias Humphry, Prince of Wales Coffee House, Sloane Street, Knightsbridge, London    9 Oct 1806    Item   
HU/6/85    [draft] Ozias Humphry, to William [Upcott]    1 Jul 1806    Item   
HU/6/76iii    [draft] Ozias Humphry, to Samuel Rogers    15 Feb 1806    Item   
HU/6/76ii    [draft] Ozias Humphry, 3 Knightsbridge Terrace, Thomas Mathias    15 Feb 1806    Item   
HU/6/76i    [draft] Ozias Humphry, to Lord Dartmouth    [Feb 1806]    Item   
HU/6/60    [draft] Ozias Humphry to Sarah Woodgate [incomplete?]    Sep 1805    Item   
HU/6/92ii    Ozias Humphry, Travers Lodge, to William Ozias [Humphry]    17 Oct 1806    Item   
HU/5/57    [Anne Montagu], to [Ozias Humphry]    [1798-99]    Item   
HU/4/48    Georgino Hallino [George Hall], Oxford, to Ozias Humphry, at Mr. Holland's, St. James's St., Piccadilly    23 Jul 1790    Item   
HU/3/135    [draft] [George Baker], to [Ozias Humphry]    4 Jun 1787    Item   
AND/22/52    G.P. Harding, Picture Gallery, Oxford, to Mr Upcott, High Street, Islington    28 Aug 1835    Item   
AND/21/182    Wm. Upcott, 102 High St., Islington, to [Mr. Harding]    4 Feb 1835    Item   
AND/10/27    [copy] Receipt    22 Nov 1797    Item   
AND/9/36    Three copies of receipts in Anderdon's hand, by Thomas Stothard    1792-1797    Item   
JU/10/301    E. V. Rippingille, Picton Villa, Bristol [to William Upcott, London Institution]    17 Apr [1829]    Item   
AND/8/71    Anderdon's notes on a sale of the effects of Conrad Metz and his daughter Sophia    [c.1870]    Item   
AND/8/15    Excerpt from a letter from de Loutherbourg, to Richard Cosway    [31 Jul 1792]    Item   
JU/8/55    David Wilkie, Kensington [to William Upcott]    27 Dec 1844    Item   
JU/5/154    Henry Thomson, 15 Newman St., to W. Upcott    03 Mar 1823    Item   
AND/5/9    Sales catalogue cutting    [c.1860]    Item   
JU/4/15    Ozias Humphry, Lord Egremont's, Petworth, to James [Bishop]    30 Aug 1804    Item   
HU/1/i-viii    William Upcott, introductory on the Humphry letters, 102 Upper Street, Islington    8 Oct 1835    Item   
HU/8    Claim on the Nawab of Oudh    1787-1856    File   
HU/7    Original correspondence of Ozias Humphry, volume 7    1808-1810    File   
HU    Ozias Humphry papers    1753-1810    Fonds