Charles Thurston Thompson

Born: 1816 in London
Died: 1868
Photographer and wood-engraver. Son of engraver John Thompson (1785-1866), achieved great success engraving illustrated books published by van Voorst and Longman, celebrated for his wood-engraving after Richard Doyle for the frontispiece of Ruskin's King of the Golden River (2nd edition).
Works of Art: 0
Books: 3
Archives: 1
Tennyson, Alfred Tennyson, 1st baron   Poems by Alfred Tennyson; illustrated by T. Crestwick, J. E. Millais, W. Holman Hunt, W. Mulready, J. C. Horsley, D. G. Rossetti, C. Stanfield, D. Maclise. - London 1857   
Crowe, Joseph Arthur   A New History Of Painting In Italy From The Second To The Sixteenth Century. Drawn Up From Fresh Materials And Recent Researches In The Archives Of Italy; As Well As From Personal Inspection Of The Works Of Art Scattered Throughout Europe. By J.A. Crowe & G.B. Cavalcaselle, Authors Of 'The Early Flemish Painters.' Vol. I. (- III.) - London: 1864. (- 1866.) The Right of Translation is reserved.   
Northcote, James, R.A.   Fables, Original And Selected. By The Late James Northcote, R.A. Second Series. Illustrated By Two Hundred And Eighty Engravings on Wood. - London: [1833]   
GI/1/52    Edward Cardwell, Phoenix Park, Dublin, to John Gibson    23 Apr 1860    Item