Royal Institution of Great Britain

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Landseer, John, A.R.A.   Lectures On The Art Of Engraving, Delivered At The Royal Institution Of Great Britain, - By John Landseer, Engraver To The King, And F.S.A. - - London: 1807.   
Wiseman, Nicholas Patrick Stephen, cardinal   Points Of Contact Between Science And Art. By His Eminence Cardinal Wiseman. A Lecture Delivered At The Royal Institution, January 30, 1863. - London: 1863. The right of Translation is reserved.   
Leighton, John   On Japanese Art. A Discourse Delivered At The Royal Institution Of Great Britain May 1. 1863. by John Leighton F.S.A., M.R.I., &c. - London: (1863)   
Haydon, Benjamin Robert   Thoughts On The Relative Value Of Fresco And Oil Painting, As Applied To The Architectural Decorations Of The Houses Of Parliament; Read At The Friday Evening Meeting At The Royal Institution, Albemarle Street, March 4, 1842. By B.R. Haydon, Historical Painter. - London: 1842.