Samuel William Reynolds, jun.

Born: 1794
Died: 1872
Painter, mezzotint-engraver. Son of painter and printmaker Samuel William Reynolds the elder (1773-1835).
Works of Art: 0
Books: 3
Archives: 2
The Royal Gallery of Pictures, Being A Selection Of The Cabinet Paintings In Her Majesty's Private Collection At Buckingham Palace. Published Under The Superintendence Of John Linnell, Esq. -   - London: [1840]   
Ruskin, John   Examples Of The Architecture Of Venice Selected and drawn to Measurement from the Edifices. By John Ruskin, Author Of "The Stones Of Venice," "The Seven Lamps Of Architecture," "Modern Painters," Etc. - Orpington, Kent. [1887]   
Engravings from The Choicest Works of Sir Thomas Lawrence, P.R.A.   - London: (1846.)   
AND/20/47    Anderdon's notes on 1827 exhibits #373 to #438    [c.1870]    Item   
AND/18/241    Foot of letter, signed by S.W. Reynolds    [c.1830-60]    Item