Remnant and Edmonds (London)

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Gems Of British Art, Designed By The Late G. Stuart Newton, Esq. R.A. And Engraved In Mezzotint By Eminent Artists. - With A Brief Memoir Of His Life, And Descriptive Notes. By Henry Murray, Esq. -   - London: [1843]   
Jameson, Anna Brownell   A Handbook To The Public Galleries Of Art In And Near London. With Catalogues of the Pictures, Accompanied By Critical, Historical, And Biographical Notices, And Copious Indexes To Facilitate Reference. By Mrs. Jameson. In Two Parts. Part I. Containing Introduction. National Gallery. Windsor Castle. (Part II. Containing Hampton Court. Dulwich Gallery. Barry's Pictures. Soane's Museum.) - London: 1842.   
Dennis, George   The Cities And Cemeteries Of Etruria. By George Dennis. In Two Volumes. Vol. I. (II.) - London: 1848.   
Knight, Henry Gally   The Ecclesiastical Architecture Of Italy. From The Time Of Constantine To The Fifteenth Century With An Introduction And Text By Henry Gally Knight Esqe. F.R.S. F.S.A. Vol I. (II.) - London 1842. (-1844.)