Sir George Yonge, 5th Bt.

Born: 1732
Died: 1812
Politician and Colonial Governor
Works of Art: 0
Books: 0
Archives: 20
HU/7/36    Mary Ann Humphry, Seal, to Ozias Humphry, Prince of Wales's Hotel, Sloane Street, Chelsea    4 Jan 1809    Item   
HU/5/84    Wm. Daniell, Rowland St., Ozias Humphry, 13 High Row, Knightsbridge    21 May 1800    Item   
HU/5/76    Geo. Yonge, H[ampton] C[ourt], Kingston, to Ozias Humphry, Knightsbridge, London    14 Jun 1799    Item   
HU/5/57    [Anne Montagu], to [Ozias Humphry]    [1798-99]    Item   
HU/5/52    Copy of the memorial appointing Humphry to the Society of Antiquaries    [25 Jan 1798]    Item   
HU/5/36    [incomplete draft] [Ozias Humphry], to Sir George Yonge    [10 May 1797]    Item   
HU/5/34-35    Geo. Yonge, Hampton Court, to Ozias Humphry    9 May 1797    Item   
HU/5/33    Geo. Yonge, Hampton Court, to Ozias Humphry, 13 Old Bond Street, London    7 May 1797    Item   
HU/5/25    Geo. Yonge, to Ozias Humphry, 13 Old Bond Street, London    30 Oct 1796    Item   
HU/4/83    Geo. Yonge, Hampton Court, to Ozias Humphry    14 Oct 1793    Item   
HU/4/59    Geo. Yonge, to [Ozias Humphry]    8 Aug 1791    Item   
HU/3/78    Geo. Yonge, Stratford Place, to O. Humphry    1 Jan 1785    Item   
HU/3/32    O[zias] H[umphry], to Mary Boydell, 90 Cheapside, London    [1785]    Item   
HU/3/21    George Yonge, Stratford Place, to Sir John Dalling, Bt., Madras    20 Dec 1784    Item   
HU/2/143    Elizabeth Humphry, to Ozias Humphry, Newman Street, London    21 Feb 1784    Item   
HU/1/75    Ozias Humphry, Bath, to William Humphry, Hontin, Devon    16 Jan 1764    Item   
HU/1/73    [William Humphry], to [Ozias Humphry]    [c.1763]    Item   
HU/1/64    Elizabeth Humphry, Honiton, to Ozias Humphry, at Mr. Benjamin Baker's, in Watling Street, London    15 Feb 1758    Item   
HU/1/63    Ozias Humphry, London, to his parents    7 Jan 1758    Item   
HU/1/50    Will. Yonge, to George Humphry, Honiton, Devon    24 Apr 1753    Item