Charles Townley

Born: 1746
Died: ca. 1800
Engraver and painter.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 2
Archives: 2
Hoare, Prince   Academic annals of painting sculpture & architecture ; published by authority of the Royal Academy of Arts, 1805-6, 1807, 1808-9 ; collected and arranged by Prince Hoare, Secretary for Foreign Correspondence to The Royal Academy - London 1809   
A Set Of Prints Engraved after the most capital Paintings In the Collection of Her Imperial Majesty, The Empress of Russia Lately in the Possession of the Earl Of Orford At Houghton in Norfolk; With Plans, Elevations, Sections, Chimney Pieces & Ceilings. Vol: I (II)   - London [1788]   
HU/2/40-41    Maria Hadfield, [Florence], to Ozias Humphry, English Coffee House, Rome    20 Jan 1776    Item   
HU/2/39/1    Char. Townley, Florence, to Ozias Humphry, Coffee House, Rome    30 Dec 1775    Item