Simpkin and Marshall (London)

Publishers, booksellers, in London 1815-1837. Succeeded by Simpkin, Marshall and Company.
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Books: 6
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London Pageants. - I. Accounts Of Fifty-Five Royal Processions And Entertainments In The City Of London; Chiefly Extracted From Contemporary Writers. - II. A Bibliographical List Of Lord Mayors' Pageants. [Device]   - (London:) 1831.   
Hall, Basil   Forty Etchings, From Sketches Made With The Camera Lucida, In North America, In 1827 And 1828. By Captain Basil Hall, R.N. Fourth Edition. - - Edinburgh;, London. - 1830.   
Smith, Thomas   Recollections Of The British Institution, For Promoting The Fine Arts in The United Kingdom: With Some Account Of The Means Employed For That Purpose; And Biographical Notices of the Artists who have received Premiums, &c. 1805 - 1859. By Thomas Smith, Author Of An Historical And Topographical Account Of The Parish Of St.-Mary-Le-Bone; Hand-Book To Harrow-On-The-Hill; Etc. [Epigraph] - London: [1860]   
Lanzi, Luigi, abate   The History Of Painting In Italy, From The Period Of The Revival of The Fine Arts To The End Of The Eighteenth Century: Translated From the Original Italian Of The Abate Luigi Lanzi. - By Thomas Roscoe. - In Six Volumes. Vol. I. Containing The Schools Of Florence And Siena. (- Vol. VI. Containing The Indexes.) - - London: 1828.   
Brockedon, William   Illustrations Of The Passes Of The Alps, By Which Italy Communicates With France, Switzerland, And Germany. By William Brockedon, Member Of The Academy Of Fine Arts At Florence. Volume The First, Containing The Little Saint Bernard, The Mont Genèvre, The Mont Cenis, The Mont Gothard, The Great Saint Bernard, And The Monte Stelvio. (Volume The Second, Containing The Cornice, The Grimsel And The Gries, The Bernardin And The Splugen, The Brenner, The Tende And The Argentière, And The Simplon.) - London: [1828 (- 1829)]   
Brady, John Henry   The Visitor's Guide To Knole, In The County Of Kent, With Catalogues Of The Pictures Contained In The Mansion, And Biographical Notices Of The Principal Persons Whose Portraits Form Part Of The Collection. By John H. Brady, F.R.A.S. - Sevenoaks:, London: 1839.