Leonard Benton Seeley

Born: before 1744
Bookseller, publisher, in Buckingham, and from 1784 in London. Father of publisher and author Robert Benton Seeley (1798-1886); grandfather of barrister and writer Leonard Benton Seeley (1831-93).
Works of Art: 0
Books: 1
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Cecil, Richard   Memoirs Of John Bacon, Esq. R.A. With Reflections Drawn From A Review Of His Moral And Religious Character: Also, Of The Hon. And Rev. Wm. Bromley Cadogan, M.A. Late Rector Of St. Luke's Chelsea; And Vicar Of St. Giles's, Reading. - By The Rev. Richard Cecil, M.A. Minister Of St. John's Chapel, Bedford-Row, London. - A New Edition. - - London: 1822.