Thomas Roscoe

Born: 1791
Died: 1871
Writer, translator. Son of lawyer William Roscoe (1753-1831); brother of legal writer and biographer Henry Roscoe (1800-36), poet William Stanley Roscoe (1782-1843) and poet Mrs. Mary Anne Jevons (1795-1845); father of writer Mrs. Jane Elizabeth St. John.
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Lanzi, Luigi, abate   The History Of Painting In Italy, From The Period Of The Revival of The Fine Arts To The End Of The Eighteenth Century: Translated From the Original Italian Of The Abate Luigi Lanzi. - By Thomas Roscoe. - In Six Volumes. Vol. I. Containing The Schools Of Florence And Siena. (- Vol. VI. Containing The Indexes.) - - London: 1828.