Tippu Sultan

Born: 20 November 1750 in Devanahalli
Died: 4 May 1799
Nationality: Indian
Works of Art: 1
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Portrait of Tippoo Saib [i.e....   
Portrait of Tippoo Saib [i.e....
ca. 1840?
John Cochran

HU/5/62    W. Sydenham, Fort St. George, to Ozias Humphrey, 13 High Row, Knightsbridge    15 Oct 1798    Item   
HU/4/112    W[illiam] B[aillie], Calcutta, to Ozias Humphry    4 Oct 1795    Item   
HU/4/88-89    William Baillie, Calcutta, to Ozias Humphry, Portrait Painter to His Majesty, No. 13 Old Bond Street, London    23 Nov 1793    Item