Charles Smith

Born: 7 Nov 1749 in Stenness, the Orkneys
Died: 19 Dec 1824
Subject and portrait painter.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 0
Archives: 8
HU/8/12    Copies of letter between Ozias Humphry, Macpherson, Francis Magnus his secretary and Colonel Harper    [1786]    Item   
HU/8/1    Memorial of Ozias Humphry concerning his transactions with the Nabob Vizier at Lucknow    post-1787    Item   
HU/4/112    W[illiam] B[aillie], Calcutta, to Ozias Humphry    4 Oct 1795    Item   
HU/4/24-25    C Martin., "on my way to Lucknow", Benares, to Ozias Humphry    11 Mar 1789    Item   
HU/4/13    Thomas Daniell, Patna, to Ozias Humphry, at Sir Joshua Reynolds's, Leicester Square, London    7 Nov 1788    Item   
HU/3/137-139    Capt. Jonathan Wood, Benares, to Ozias Humphry    1 Aug 1787    Item   
HU/3/125-126    Charles Smith, Benares, to Ozias Humphry    23 Feb 1787    Item   
HU/3/98    [copy] J[ohn] M[acpherson], Calcutta, to the Nabob Vizier    17 Jan 1786    Item