William Roberts, R.A.

Preferred Media: Painting
Born: 5 June 1895 in London, England, United Kingdom
Died: 20 January 1980
Nationality: British
Category of Membership: Painter
Elected A.R.A: 25 Apr 1958
Elected R.A: 28 Apr 1966
Elected Senior R.A: 31 Dec 1970
Works of Art: 1
Books: 3
Archives: 3
Works by

By 1966
William Roberts

A Rap At The R. A. - A Satire. -   - London: 1875.   
Gullick, Thomas John   The Royal Academy; The 'Outsiders'; And The Press. By T.J. Gullick, Author Of The 'Authorised Handbook To The Pictures In The Westminster Palace' Etc. - [Epigraph.] - - London: 1869.   
An Essay On The Necessity and Form Of A Royal Academy For Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. - [Epigraph from Cicero]   - London: 1764. [Price One Shilling.]   
RAA/PRE/5/1/28    Poster, designed by William Roberts    1967    Item   
RAA/EXH/2/22    Memorandum on exhibition design and exhibition proposals    1980-82    Sub-series   
RAA/LIB/2/135    William Roberts, member's file    1958-1980    File