Sir Aston Webb, P.R.A.

Preferred Media: Architecture
Born: 22 May 1849 in London, England, United Kingdom
Died: 21 August 1930
Nationality: British
Category of Membership: Architect
Elected A.R.A: 23 Mar 1899
Elected R.A: 17 Jun 1903
President From: 1919 to 1924
Treasurer From: 1912-1919
Works of Art: 5
Books: 1
Archives: 30
Works by

Design for Queen Victoria Memorial,...   
Design for Queen Victoria Memorial,...
November 1903
Aston Webb
Works associated with

Bust of Sir Aston Webb,...   
Bust of Sir Aston Webb,...
ca. 1922
Thomas Brock

Sir Aston Webb, P.R.A.   
Sir Aston Webb, P.R.A.
ca. 1890s-1910
Frederick Hollyer

Portrait of Sir Aston Webb,...   
Portrait of Sir Aston Webb,...
William Llewellyn

Caricature of Sir Aston Webb   
Caricature of Sir Aston Webb
7th January 1922
Francis Derwent Wood

Christie's (London)   A catalogue of the very choice collection of modern pictures, which have constituted the very distinguished and universally admired gallery of that accomplished and truly spirited patron of the arts, the Rt. Hon. Lord de Tabley, deceased, at No. 24, Hill Street, Berkely Square : formed by his Lordship ... They comprise favourite and very popular specimens of Wilson, Gainsborough, Loutherbourg, Sir J. Reynolds, Romney, Hoppner, Northcote, Fuseli, West, Opie, Shee, Owen, Thomson, Howard, Hilton, Ward, Turner, Collins, Callcott, Landseer, Pether, Barker, Atkinson, Devis, Leslie and Russell : also, the state chair of Sir Joshua Reynolds's studio, which was bequeathed by him to Barry ; a fine marble bust of the late president West, by Behnes ; and a cast from the hand of the president West, by Behnes ; which (by order of the executors) will be sold by auction, by Mr. Christie, on the premises, No. 24, Hill Street, Berkeley Square, on Saturday, July 7, 1827. - [London] 1827   
MIS/LAW/3    Thomas Lawrence, Russell Square, to [un-named]    6 Jun 1825    Item   
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RI/1/108    W.B. Richmond, Beavor Lodge, Hammersmith, to Ernest Richmond    6 Jun 1909    Item   
SP/7/95    Alfred Gilbert, 62 Rue Pré aux Moulins, to Spielmann    20 Sep 1924    Item   
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RAA/TRU/7    IThe Laws of the Royal Academy of Arts in London. 1768-1922/I, with certificate of official status as a friendly society    1922    Item   
RAA/SEC/5/23/1    Mary, Buckingham Palace, to Sir Aston Webb    22 Feb 1922    Item   
RAA/SEC/1/97    Letter from Sir Edward Poynter, 70 Addison Road, to Sir Isidore Spielmann    06 May 1919    Item   
RAA/SEC/1/83    Copy of letter from W. Tyler, T. Sandby and P. Sandby, London, to Mr Gilpin in Sheet Street, Windsor, Berks.    13 Dec 1768    Item   
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RAA/SEC/4/99/14    William Orpen, Hotel Majestic, Paris, to Sir Aston [Webb]    11 Nov 1921    Item   
EJP/24    Edward J. Poynter, 70 Addison Road, Kensington, to Webb    29 Jul 1917    Item   
RAA/PC/6/9    Report of the Hampton Court Committee    1919    File   
RAA/PC/6/8    Minutes of Committee to consider ways and means for securing a satisfactory balance between income and expenditure    08 July 1915    Item   
RAA/PC/6/3    Records of the Committee relating to the proposed creation of a state school of fine art, and of the Schools' Committee    1914-1915, 1918    Sub-series   
RAA/TRE/11/5    Papers relating to proposed new form of balance sheet    06 Aug 1919 - 09 Aug 1919    File   
RAA/TRE/11/3    Papers relating to purchase of War Loan stock    1915    File   
RAA/PC/1/25    Council minutes, vol. 25    08 Oct 1923 - 24 Apr 1930    Item   
RAA/PC/1/24    Council minutes, vol. 24    09 May 1918 - 31 Jul 1923    Item