Henry Tanworth Wells, R.A.

Preferred Media: Painting
Born: 14 December 1828 in London, England, United Kingdom
Died: 16 January 1903
Nationality: British
Elected A.R.A: 08 May 1866
Elected R.A: 30 Jun 1870
Works of Art: 6
Books: 2
Archives: 15
Works by

Volunteers at the Firing-Point, 1866   
Volunteers at the Firing-Point, 1866
Henry Tanworth Wells
Works associated with

Henry Tamworth Wells  R.A.   
Henry Tamworth Wells R.A.
John & Charles Watkins

Henry Tanworth Wells R.A.   
Henry Tanworth Wells R.A.
ca. 1856-1875
John Watkins

The Opening of the Royal...   
The Opening of the Royal...
Charles Paul Renouard

Henry Tanworth Wells R.A.   
Henry Tanworth Wells R.A.
Ralph W. Robinson

Henry Tanworth Wells, R.A. (1828-1903)   
Henry Tanworth Wells, R.A. (1828-1903)
David Wilkie Wynfield

Wells, Henry Tanworth, R.A.   On the administration of the Chantry [i.e. Chantrey] Bequest - [London] 1882   
Wells, Henry Tanworth, R.A.   Memorandum on the constitution of the Royal Academy; to which is appended a copy of the "Instrument" - London 1896   
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RAA/SEC/10/72/4    Briton Riviere, Flaxley, 82 Finchley Rd., N. W., to [Sir Edward] Poynter    13 Jul 1902    Item   
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RAA/SEC/4/140    Correspondence from Henry Tanworth Wells, RA    1874-1889    Sub-series   
236/64    Henry Tanworth Wells, RA    1863-1864    Series   
236/46/18    W.P. Frith, 7 Pembridge Villas, Bayswater, to T. Miller    3 May 1865    Item   
RAA/SEC/17/6    Papers relating to H. T. Wells's memorandum on RA finances    1883    File   
RAA/GA/1/8    General Assembly minutes, vol. 8    26 Jan 1881 - 10 Dec 1896    Item