Joseph Wright, A.R.A.

Preferred Media: Painting
Born: 3 September 1734 in Derby, Derbyshire, England, United Kingdom
Died: 29 August 1797
Nationality: British
Elected A.R.A: 05 Nov 1781
Resigned: 06 Apr 1784
Election Declined: 10 Feb 1784
Works of Art: 3
Books: 1
Archives: 20
Works after

The Twins - Sarah and...   
The Twins - Sarah and...
Francis Seymour Haden

Fire Works from the Castle...   
Fire Works from the Castle...
c. 1835?
William Radclyffe
Works associated with

Portrait of Joseph Wright of...   
Portrait of Joseph Wright of...
Hannah Turner

A Collection Of Prints, From Pictures Painted For The Purpose Of Illustrating The Dramatic Works Of Shakspeare, By The Artists Of Great-Britain. Volume I. (II.)   - London [1803]   
AND/9/40    Press cuttings, critiques of the 1794 exhibition    1794    Item   
AND/7/112    Newspaper cuttings of an imcomplete critique of the 1789 Academy exhibition    1789    Item   
AND/7/107    Extract from a letter by Joseph Wright to Alderman Boydell    [12 Mar 1789]    Item   
AND/7/14    Newspaper cutting, an incomplete critique of the 1788 exhibition    [1788]    Item   
AND/6/48    Jacob More, Rome, to Thomas Harvey, Norwich    22 Aug 1785    Item   
JU/3/134    Catalogue of the Royal Academy exhibition, pp. 25-26    [1778]    Item   
HU/2/31    [draft] [Ozias Humphry], Florence, to Mrs. Stevens    18 Jul 1775    Item   
HU/2/2    H. Spicer, London, to Mr. Humphry, English Coffee House, Rome    9 Jan 1774    Item   
SA/41/2    William Tate, addressed to the Gentlemen of the Society of Arts    [1773]    Item   
SA/39/62    Joseph Wright, Derby, to [William] Thomson    06 Jun 1773    Item   
SA/39/60    Joseph Wright, Derby, addressed to: Mr Sotheby, carver & gilder near Lancaster Court, Strand, London    17 Apr [17]73    Item   
SA/39/59    Joseph Wright, Derby, to [William] Tompson    25 Mar 1773    Item   
SA/39/57    Joseph Wright, Derby, to William Thompson    14 Mar 1773    Item   
SA/38/19    Richard Caddick to the President and Directors    21 Aug 1770    Item   
SA/38/3    Thomas Barrow, Furnivals Inn Court, No.4 Holborne, to the President and Directors    10 Jan 1770    Item   
SA/36/41    Mathew William Peters, Welbeck Street, to J. Kirby    06 Jun 1769    Item   
SA/36/36    Joseph Wright, Liverpool [to the Secretary]    13 Nov 1769    Item   
RAA/SEC/1/74    Letter from Joseph Wright, Derby, to F. M. Newton    21 Oct 1782    Item   
NOR/10    James Northcote, to [Samuel Northcote]    Jun 1772    Item   
NOR/8    James Northcote, to Samuel Northcote, Plymouth    [29 Mar 1772]    Item