Sir George Staunton, Bt.

Born: 26 May 1781 in Milford House, near Salisbury, Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom
Died: 10 August 1859
Nationality: British
Works of Art: 0
Books: 3
Archives: 2
Ta Tsing Leu Lee : being the fundamental laws, and a selection from the supplementary statutes, of the penal code of China; originally printed and published in Pekin, in various successive editions, under the sanction, and by the authority, of the several emperors of the Ta Tsing, or present dynasty. / Translated from the Chinese; and accompanied with an appendix, consisting of authentic documents, and a few occasional notes, illustrative of the subject of the work; by Sir George Thomas Staunton, ...   - London : 1810.   
Staunton, George, Bt.   Miscellaneous Notices Relating To China, And Our Commercial Intercourse With That Country, Including A Few Translations From The Chinese Language. By Sir George Thomas Staunton, Bart. LL.D. & F.R.S. - Second Edition, Enlarged. - London:, Havant. 1822.   
Notices Of The Leigh Park Estate, Near Havant. 1836. [Epigraphs]   - London: [1836]   
LAW/2/222    Geo. Thos. Staunton, Cheltenham, to [Thomas Lawrence]    18 Oct 1817    Item   
GRI/3/208    Robert H. Inglis, 7 Bedford Square, to George Richmond    11 Jan 1854    Item