James Stark

Born: 1794
Died: 1859
Landscape painter, in oils and watercolor. Studied in Norwich under John Crome and from 1814 in London; worked in London, Norwich and Windsor. Father of landscape, and animal, painter Arthur James Stark (1831-1902).
Works of Art: 0
Books: 2
Archives: 2
Scenery Of The Rivers Of Norfolk, Comprising The Yare, The Waveney, And The Bure. From Pictures Painted By James Stark, With Historical And Geological Descriptions By J.W. Robberds, Jun. Esq.   - Norwich:, London: [1834]   
Views In London And Its Vicinity, Complete In Forty-Eight Plates, Engraved On Copper, By George Cooke, From Drawings By Callcott, R.A. Stanfield, A.R.A. Prout. Roberts. Stark. Harding. Cotman. Havell. &c. &c. After The Original Sketches Made On The Spot By Edward W. Cooke.   - London: (1834.)   
AND/22/302    Pages 23 and 24 of the 1836 Academy catalogue    1836    Item   
AND/18/61    J. Stark, l'Hotel de l'Europe, to [John Sell] Cotman, l'Hotel de Normandie, rue de l'Escuriale, Rouen    [c.1818]    Item