William IV, King of Great Britain

Born: 21 Aug 1765
Died: 20 Jun 1837
King from 1830 June 26.
Works of Art: 3
Books: 10
Archives: 13
Works associated with

Bust of William IV   
Bust of William IV
Francis Chantrey

Portrait of William IV   
Portrait of William IV
Martin Archer Shee

Royal Academy Schools, silver medal...   
Royal Academy Schools, silver medal...
William Wyon

Quatremère de Quincy, Antoine-Chrysostome   Lettres Écrites De Londres A Rome, Et Addressées A M. Canova; Sur Les Marbres d'Elgin, ou les Sculptures du temple de Minerve à Athenes: Par M. Quatremère De Quincy. - - A Rome. 1818.   
Stanfield, Clarkson, R.A.   Stanfield's Coast Scenery. A Series Of Views In The British Channel, From Original Drawings Taken Expressly For The Work. By Clarkson Stanfield, Esq. R.A. - - London: 1836.   
Scenery Of The Rivers Of Norfolk, Comprising The Yare, The Waveney, And The Bure. From Pictures Painted By James Stark, With Historical And Geological Descriptions By J.W. Robberds, Jun. Esq.   - Norwich:, London: [1834]   
Van Worrell, A. B.   Van Worrell's Tableau Of The Dutch And Flemish Painters Of The Old School. - Dedicated, By Permission, To His Majesty. - - London: 1832.   
McKenney, Thomas Loraine   History Of The Indian Tribes Of North America, With Biographical Sketches And Anecdotes Of The Principal Chiefs. Embellished With One Hundred And Twenty Portraits, From The Indian Gallery In The Department Of War, At Washington. - By Thomas L. M'Kenney, Late Of The Indian Department, Washington, And James Hall, Esq. Of Cincinnati. - Vol. I. - London: 1837.   
Fifty Plates Of Shipping And Craft, Drawn And Etched By E.W. Cooke.   - London 1829.   
Under The Patronage Of His Majesty, Compositions Of The "Acts Of Mercy", Drawn By The Late John Flaxman Esqre. R.A.P.S. 1 Instruct The Ignorant. 2 Feed The Hungry. 3 Clothe The Naked. 4 Visit The Sick. 5 Comfort The Afflicted. 6 Go To The House Of Mourning. 7 Comfort The Fatherless & Widow. 8 Deliver The Captive. Engraved by F.C. Lewis, Engraver of Drawings, to the King.   - London Published Jany. 1st. 1831   
Lewis's Illustrations of Constantinople made during a Residence in that City &c. in the Years 1835-6. Arranged and drawn on Stone from the original Sketches of Coke Smyth By John F. Lewis.   - London [1838]   
Lewis, Frederick Christian, Snr.   Imitations of Claude Lorraine, By F.C. Lewis, Engraved From The Drawings In The British Museum. Dedicated, By Permission, To His Majesty. - London 1837.   
National Gallery (London)   Engravings From The Pictures Of The National Gallery. Published by Authority. - London: [1840]   
MAR/3/10    William Calder Marshall, Rome, to Agnes    6 Jul 1837    Item   
JU/8/13    Autograph note written by R. B. Davis, 10 Wilton Street, Grosvenor Place    c. 1837    Item   
LAW/5/240    Bedford, St. James Square, to Sir Thomas    1 Jun 1828    Item   
LAW/5/136    William, Admiralty, to [Thomas Lawrence]    9 May 1827    Item   
LAW/5/135    Licence to Plead    6 May 1837    Item   
LAW/5/127    J.W. Croker, to Sir Thos. Lawrence, Russell Square    [c.1827]    Item   
LAW/5/37    A direction from a letter to Sir Thomas Lawrence    [c.1820's]    Item   
LAW/4/333    William, Admiralty, to [Thomas Lawrence]    [1826]    Item   
LAW/3/285    Duke of Clarence and Prince of Hohenlohe, St. James's, to [Thomas Lawrence]    2 May 1821    Item   
LAW/1/52    Mrs. Jordan, Clarence Lodge, to Thomas Lawrence, at the large print warehouse, Bond Street    17 Jun [1793]    Item   
RAA/SEC/2/133    Correspondence following the accession of King William IV    26 Oct 1830    Sub-series   
RAA/GA/7/3    Royal book    1830-1890    Item   
RAA/PC/1/7    Council minutes, vol. 7    27 Apr 1824 - 31 Oct 1832    Item