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ca. 1819
John Constable

Sotheby's (London)   Splendid Books And Books Of Prints. - Catalogue Of The Library Of the late Sir Thomas Lawrence, President Of The Royal Academy; To which is added, The Valuable Library Of A Gentleman; Including Galerie De Dresde, beautiful impressions, splendidly bound in red morocco, imperial folio; Ridinger's Works, 8 vol. A Very Choice Copy; Rossini's Views in Rome, imperial folio; Voyage Pittoresque de Naples et de Sicile, 5 tom. russia; Nash's Views of Paris, proof plates, large Paper, blue morocco; Stuart's Antiquities of Athens, 3 vol russia; Curtis's Flora Londinensis, 3 vol.; Sinclair's Hortus Gramineus Woburnensis, Privately Printed; Holbein's Portraits of Illustrious Persons; by Chamberlayne, Vetus Testamentum Græcum, à Baber, 7 parts; Ionian Antiquities, 2 vol.; Britton's Cathedral Antiquities of England, 10 vol. Large Paper, uncut; Rees's Cyclopædia, 45 vol. half russia; Catalogues of the Royal Academy, complete from the Commencemnt, 1760, to the present Time; Catalogues of the Society of British Artists, complete; An Extraordinary Collection Of Works relative to the Royal Academy, and to the Fine Arts; Beauties of England and Wales, 26 vol.; Nichols's Literary Anecdotes, 14 vol.; a very Valuable and Complete Collection of the Best Variorum and Other Classics, &c. &c. Which will be Sold by Auction, By Mr. Sotheby And Son, Wellington Street, Strand, On Friday, June 25th, 1830, and Three following Days, at Twelve o'Clock. - To be viewed on Tuesday 22d, and Catalogues to be now had at the place of Sale. - [London: 1830.   
236/36/20    T. Webster, Athenaeum, to T. Miller    [c.1853]    Item   
RAA/PC/1/50    Council minutes    09 Jan 1973 - 04 Dec 1973    Item   
RAA/PC/1/49    Council minutes    11 Jan 1972 - 14 Dec 1972    Item   
RAA/PC/1/43    Council minutes    04 Jan 1966 - 06 Dec 1966    Item   
ANG/17    Thomas Lawrence, to Angerstein    [c.1813-30]    Item