Samuel Sotheby

Born: 1771
Died: 1842
Works of Art: 0
Books: 3
Archives: 1
Edwards, Edward, A.R.A.   Anecdotes Of Painters Who Have Resided Or Been Born In England; With Critical Remarks On Their Productions; By Edward Edwards, deceased, late Teacher Of Perspective, And Associate, In The Royal Academy; Intended As A Continuation To The Anecdotes Of Painting By The Late Horace Earl Of Orford. - London: 1808.   
Society of Antiquaries of London   An Index To The First Three Volumes Of Vetusta Monumenta. Printed By Order Of The President And Council Of The Society Of Antiquaries Of London, 25th Of May, 1810. - London: 1810.   
Lysons, Samuel   An Account Of Roman Antiquities Discovered At Woodchester In The County Of Gloucester. By Samuel Lysons F.R.S. & A.S. - London [1797]   
FU/5/2    IA Catalogue of the Small and Very Select Classical Library of the Late Henry Fuseli, Esq. R.A., Professor of Painting, and Keeper of the Royal Academy/I [. . . etc.]    1825    Item