Benjamin Ralph

Born: fl. 1763
Died: 1770
Assistant Secretary of the Society of Artists, 1768-70
Works of Art: 0
Books: 2
Archives: 26
Recueil de XC Têtes tirées des Sept Cartons des Actes des Apôtres peints par Raphl. Urbin, qui se conservent dans le Palais d'Hampton-Court, dessinées par le Chevr. Nic: Dorigny, et gravées par les meilleurs Graveurs, mis en lumiere a Londres avec une Description par Benjamin Ralph. A Collection of 90 Heads, taken from the Cartons painted by Ralph: Urban, at Hampton Court. Drawn by Sr. Nic: Dorigny, & Engraved under his direction. With a Description of the Cartons, Benjamin Ralph.   - in Cheapside London [17--?]   
A Collection Of Prints Engraved After The Most Capital Paintings In England. Published by John Boydell. Volume The First, Containing Fifty Prints. (The Second, Containing Sixty Prints.) With A Description Of Each Picture In English And French.   - London. [1769-1772]   
SA/46/6    Miss Gardiner, Upper Brook Street, to Benjamin Ralph    17 Oct [1769]    Item   
SA/46/4    P. Falconet, to [Benjamin] Ralph    c. 1770    Item   
SA/46/2    [Joshua] Kirby, Kew, to [Benjamin] Ralph    [1769]    Item   
SA/46/1    B. Ralph, to James Paine    c. Dec 1768    Item   
SA/38/16    J. C. Awsiter, Salisbury Street, to [Benjamin] Ralph    22 Feb 1770    Item   
SA/38/13    James Paine, Salisbury Street, to [Benjamin] Ralph    21 Mar 1770    Item   
SA/36/49    J. Hamett O'Neale, Worcester, to [Benjamin] Ralph    25 Nov 1769    Item   
SA/36/40/2    B. Ralph, AssistSUPt/SUP Secretary, Spring Garden, to [Thomas] Burgess    05 May 1769    Item   
SA/36/37    Joshua Kirby, Kew, to James Paine    27 Oct 1769    Item   
SA/36/19    Petition of Lely, widow, to the President and Council of the Royal Academy of Painting    [1769]    Item   
SA/35/51    Orders of the Directors (signed by the Assistant Secretary, Benjamin Ralph) to the Treasurer, George Stubbs, to pay sums of money    1769    Sub-series   
SA/35/48    Report of the Committee of Accounts    16 Jan 1769    Item   
SA/35/42    Receipt of Benjamin Ralph    22 May 1769    Item   
SA/35/35    Account of advertisements for the exhibition paid by Benjamin Ralph    1769    Item   
SA/35/32    Account of disbursements by the Assistant Secretary [Benjamin Ralph]    1769    Item   
SA/35/16    Receipted order of the Assistant Secretary, Benjamin Ralph, to the Treasurer, Mr Stubbs, to pay five guineas to John Hall    22 Jun 1769    Item   
SA/35/8    Receipt of Benjamin Ralph    29 Jul 1769    Item   
SA/35/6    Receipt of Benjamin Ralph    09 Sep 1769    Item   
SA/34/20    B. Ralph, Assistant Secretary [to William Chambers]    05 Jan 1769    Item   
SA/34/19    Theo[dosius] Forrest [to William Chambers]    24 Dec 1768    Item   
SA/34/6    B. Ralph to James Paine    14 Nov 1768    Item   
SA/34/5    B. Ralph, to "My Dear Friend" [James Paine]    06 Dec 1768    Item   
SA/28/8    B. R. [Benjamin Ralph], A Secy. [Assistant Secretary], [to Mr Moreing]    19 Jan 1770    Item   
SA/23/18    B. Ralph, Brompton Road to Francis Hayman    19 Sep 1768    Item   
SA/23/17    Note of motion to appoint an Assistant Secretary    [1768]    Item   
SA    Incorporated Society of Artists of Great Britain, papers    1759-1807    Fonds