George Turnbull

Born: 1698
Died: 1748
Theologian, and teacher.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 2
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Turnbull, George   A Curious Collection Of Ancient Paintings, Accurately Engraved from Excellent Drawings, Lately done after the Originals, By one of the Best Hands at Rome. With An Account where and when they were found, and where they now are; and several Critical, Historical, and Mythological Observations upon them. - By George Turnbull, L.L. D. - [Epigraph] - - London: [1744]   
Turnbull, George   A Treatise On Ancient Painting, Containing Observations On The Rise, Progress, and Decline of that Art amongst the Greeks and Romans; The High Opinion which the Great Men of Antiquity had of it; its Connexion with Poetry and Philosophy; and the Use that may be made of it in Education: To which are added Some Remarks on the peculiar Genius, Character, and Talents of Raphael, Michael Angelo, Nicholas Poussin, and other Celebrated Modern Masters; and the commendable Use they made of the exquisite Remains of Antiquity in Painting as well as Sculpture. The Whole illustrated and adorned with Fifty Pieces of Ancient Painting; Discovered at different times in the Ruins of Old Rome, accurately engraved from Drawings of Camillo Paderni a Roman, lately done from the Originals with great Exactness and Elegance. By George Turnbull Ll. D. - London: [1740]