John Sturt

Born: 1658
Died: 1730
Works of Art: 0
Books: 6
Archives: 0
Sandford, Francis   The History Of The Coronation Of the Most High, Most Mighty, and Most Excellent Monarch, James II. By the Grace of God, King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, Defender Of The Faith, &c. And of His Royal Consort Queen Mary: Solemnized in the Collegiate Church of St. Peter in the City of Westminster, on Thursday the 23 of April, being the Festival of St. George, in the Year of Our Lord 1685. With an Exact Account of the several Preparations in Order thereunto, Their Majesties most Splendid Processions, and Their Royal and Magnificent Feast in Westminster-Hall. The Whole Work Illustrated with Sculptures. By His Majesties Especial Command. By Francis Sandford Esq; Lancaster Herald of Arms. - 1687.   
Chambers, Ephraim   Cyclopædia: Or, An Universal Dictionary Of Arts and Sciences; Containing The Definitions of the Terms, And Accounts of The Things signify'd thereby, In the several Arts, Both Liberal and Mechanical, And the several Sciences, Human and Divine: The Figures, Kinds, Properies, Productions, Preparations, and Uses, of Things Natural and Artificial; The Rise, Progress, and State of Things Ecclesiastical, Civil, Military, and Commercial: With the several Systems, Sects, Opinions, &c. among Philosophers, Divines, Mathematicians, Physicians, Antiquaries, Criticks, &c. The Whole intended as a Course of Antient and Modern Learning. Compiled from the best Authors, Dictionaries, Journals, Memoirs, Transactions, Ephemerides, &c. in several Languages. In Two Volumes. By E. Chambers Gent. ... Volume the First. (Second.) - London: [1728]   
Perrault, Claude   A Treatise of the Five Orders of Columns In Architecture Viz. Toscan, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian and Composite. Wherein The Proportions and Characters of the Members Of their several Pedestals, Columns and Entablatures, Are distinctly consider'd, with respect to the Practice of the Antients and Moderns. Also A most Natural, Easie and Practicable Method laid down, for determining the most minute Part in all the Orders, without a Fraction. To which is Annex'd, A Discourse concerning Pilasters: And Of Several Abuses introduc'd into Architecture. Engraven on Six Folio Plates of the several Orders, adorn'd with Twenty-Four Borders, as many Initial Letters, and a like number of Tail-Pieces, by John Sturt. Written in French by Claude Perrault, Of the Royal Academy of Paris, Author of ye Celebrated Comment On Vitruvius. Made English by John James of Greenwich. - London: [1708]   
Campbell, Colen   Vitruvius Britannicus, or The British Architect Containing The Plans, Elevations, and Sections of the Regular Buildings, both Publick and Private, In Great Britain, With Variety of New Designs; in 200 large Folio Plates, Engraven by the best Hands; and Drawn either from the Buildings themselves, or the Original Designs of the Architects; In II Volumes Vol. I. (Vol. II.) by Colin Campbell Esqr. Vitruvius Britannicus, ou L'Architecte Britannique, Contenant Les Plans, Elevations, & Sections des Bâtimens Reguliers, tant Particuliers que Publics de la Grande Bretagne, Compris en 200 grandes Planches gravez en taille douce par les Meilleurs Maitres, et tous ou dessinez des Bâtimens memes, ou copiez des Desseins Originaux des Architectes: En Deux Tomes. Tome I. (Tome II.) Par le Sieur Campbell. - London [1715 (-1717)]   
Perrault, Claude   A Treatise Of The Five Orders In Architecture. To which is Annex'd, A Discourse concerning Pilasters: And of several Abuses introduced into Architecture. Written in French By Claude Perrault,Of The Royal Academy of Paris, And made English By John James of Greenwich. The Second Edition. To which is added, An Alphabetical Explanation of all the Terms in Architecture, which occur in this Work. - London: [1722]   
Le Clerc, Sebastien   A Treatise Of Architecture, With Remarks and Observations, Necessary for Young People, who would apply themselves to that Noble Art. By Seb. Le Clerc, Knight of the Empire, Designer and Engraver in Ordinary to the Cabinet of the French King. - London: 1732.