William Whiston

Born: 1667
Died: 1752
Scientist, and theologian.
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Josephus   The Genuine Works Of Flavius Josephus, The Jewish Historian. Translated from the Original Greek according to Havercamp's accurate Edition. Containing Twenty Books of the Jewish Antiquities, With The Appendix, or Life of Josephus, written by himself: Seven Books of the Jewish War: And Two Books against Apion. Illustrated With new Plans and Descriptions of the Tabernacle of Moses; and of the Temples of Solomon, Zorobabel, Herod, and Ezekiel; and with correct Maps of Judea and Jerusalem. Together with Proper Notes, Observations, Contents, Parallel Texts of Scripture, five compleat Indexes, and the true Chronology of the several Histories adjusted in the Margin. To this Book are prefixed eight Dissertations, viz. I. The Testimonies of Josephus vindicated. II. The Copy of the Old Testament made use of by Josephus, proved to be that which was collected by Nehemiah. III. Concerning God's Command to Abraham, to offer up Isaac his Son for a Sacrifice. IV. A large Enquiry into the true Chronology of Josephus. V. An Extract out of Josephus's Exhortation to the Greeks, concerning Hades, and the Resurrection of the Dead. VI. Proofs that this Exhortation is genuine; and was no other than a homily of Josephus's, when he was Bishop of Jerusalem. VII. A Demonstration that Tacitus, the Roman Historian, took his History of the Jews out of Josephus. VIII. A Dissertation of Cellarius's against Harduin; in Vindication of Josephus's History of the Family of Herod from Coins. Translated into English. With an Account of the Jewish Coins, Weights, and Measures. By William Whiston, M.A. Some time Professor of the Matematicks in the University of Cambridge. - London: [1737]