Jacob Tonson, the elder

Born: 1655 or 1656
Died: 1736
Bookseller, in London. Uncle of Jacob Tonson 'the younger' (1682-1735).
Works of Art: 0
Books: 6
Archives: 0
The Kit-Cat Club Done From the Original Paintings Of Sr. Godfrey Kneller By Mr. Faber.   - [S.l.: 1735.   
Prideaux, Humphrey   The Old and New Testament Connected in the History Of The Jews and Neighbouring Nations, From The Declension of the Kingdom of Israel and Judah to the Time of Christ. - By Humphrey Prideaux, D.D. Dean of Norwich. - Part I. Vol. I. (- Part II. Vol. IV.) - The Tenth Edition. - - London: [1729]   
Cowper, William, author, draughtsman   Myotomia Reformata: Or An Anatomical Treatise On The Muscles Of The Human Body. Illustrated with Figures after the Life. - By the late Mr. William Cowper, Surgeon, and Fellow of the Royal Society. - To which is prefix'd An Introduction Concerning Muscular Motion. - - London: [1724]   
Virgil   The Works of Virgil: containing his Pastorals, Georgics, and Æneis Translated into English verse by Mr. Dryden. Adorn'd with a hundred sculptures. - London: [1697]   
Tables Of Ancient Coins, Weights and Measures, Explain'd and Exemplify'd In Several Dissertations.   - London: [1727]   
Milton, John   Milton's Paradise Lost. A New Edition, By Richard Bentley, D.D. - London: [1732]