Walter Percy Woodington

Born: 1916
Died: 2000
Curator of the RA schools from 1961-1984.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 0
Archives: 6
TOD/8/58    Walter Woodington, Royal Academy, to Mrs Craig    23 Nov 1966    Item   
TOD/8/54    Walter Woodington, Royal Academy, to Todd    4 Jul 1966    Item   
TOD/8/47    Walter Woodington Royal Academy, to Todd    12 May 1966    Item   
TOD/8/13    "[Geoffrey S. Vahenson?]", City & Guilds of London Institute, Gresham College, to Todd    10 May 1949    Item   
RAA/KEE/13/5    Papers relating to the appointment of Curators in the Royal Academy Schools    1955, 1960    File   
TOD/3/8/94    Woodington, 118 Kennington Park Rd, S.E.11., to Todd    03 Jan 1951    Item