Edward Rippingille

Born: ca. 1798 in King's Lynn
Died: 22nd April 1859
Nationality: English
Works of Art: 0
Books: 0
Archives: 5
AND/26/143    E.V. Rippingille, 9 Grove St., Lisson Grove, to William Tyson, [illegible] Office    [c.1830]    Item   
AND/25/224    E.V. Rippingille, 5 Upper Glo[uce]ster Place, Dorset Square, to [un-knoqn]    [1833]    Item   
AND/22/292    Portion of a sale catalogue of the paintings of Edward Rippingille    [c.1860]    Item   
JU/10/304    Ms note written by E. V. Rippingille, France    [1833]    Item   
JU/10/301    E. V. Rippingille, Picton Villa, Bristol [to William Upcott, London Institution]    17 Apr [1829]    Item