Sir Henry Acland, 1st Bt.

Born: 1815
Died: 1900
Works of Art: 0
Books: 0
Archives: 12
RI/2/2    Telegraph from Henry Acland to William Blake Richmond, Beavor Lodge, Hammersmith    8 May 1879    Item   
RI/1/16    W.B. Richmond, to Laura Richmond    [c.Sep 1863]    Item   
GRI/3/707    Henry Liddell, Christ Church, to George Richmond    4 Jun [18]90    Item   
GRI/3/686    Henry Liddell, Christ Church, to George Richmond    2 May 1888    Item   
GRI/3/658    George Richmond, 20 York Street, Portman Square, to [John Ruskin]    24 May 1886    Item   
GRI/3/297    [photocopy] Page from a George Richmond account book    Sep 1860    Item   
GRI/3/23    Henry Acland, The Feozie, Capitan Pasha's ship, near Sestos and Abydos, to George Richmond, addressed to Mr. Severn, Pittore Inglese, vicino alla Sacra Dei, Quatro Fontane, Roma    15 Nov 1838    Item   
GRI/2/37    Thomas Chapman's sixpenny diary    1886    Item   
GRI/2/31    Blackwood's Diary    1879    Item   
GRI/2/2    Beilby's Birmingham Commercial Remembrancer    1840    Item   
GRI/2/1    Beilby's Birmingham Commercial Remembrancer    1837-1839    Item   
GRI/3    General correspondence of George Richmond    c.1826-1896    Series