Richard Payne Knight

Born: 1751
Died: 1824
Collector of antiquities and works of art; connoisseur, art historian and critic.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 3
Archives: 17
British Museum. Department of Coins and Medals   Nummi veteres, civitatum, regum, gentium, et provinciarum, Londini, in museo Richardi Payne Knight asservati, ab ipso ordine geographico descripti - Londini : 1830   
Romney, John   Memoirs Of The Life And Works Of George Romney, Including Various Letters, And Testimonies To His Genius, &c. Also, Some Particulars Of The Life Of Peter Romney, His Brother; A Young Artist Of Great Genius And Promising Talents, But Of Short Life. By The Rev. John Romney, B.D. Formerly Fellow Of St. John's College, Cambridge. - London; 1830.   
Society of Dilettanti (London)   Specimens Of Antient Sculpture, Ægyptian, Etruscan, Greek, And Roman: Selected From Different Collections In Great Britain By The Society Of Dilettanti. Vol. I. (II.) - London: 1809. (-1835.)   
FAR/2/116    R.P. Knight, 3 Soho Square, to Benjamin West, Newman Street    29 Apr 1812    Item   
JU/2/45    Gavin Hamilton, Rome [to Charles Townley]    22 Sep 1792    Item   
HU/2/70    H[ester] Poggi, Florence, to Ozias Humphry, 25 Newman Street, Oxford Road, London    1 Aug 1778    Item   
LAW/6/5    Thomas Lawrence, manuscript discourse    10 Dec 1829    Item   
LAW/4/112    Aberdeen, Argyll House, to [Thomas] Lawrence    [5 Apr] 1823    Item   
LAW/3/276    [Thomas Lawrence] notes on an unknown treatise, p.106, 15    [c.1821]    Item   
LAW/3/264    R.P. Knight, Soho Square, to Sir Thos. Lawrence, Russell Square    17 Mar [1818]    Item   
LAW/3/113    R.P. Knight, to Sir Thos. Lawrence, Russell Sq.    [10 Apr 1820]    Item   
LAW/2/196    Thos Lawrence, to Joseph Farington    [11 May 1817]    Item   
LAW/2/258    H. Thomson, 15 Newman Street, to [Thomas Lawrence]    14 Feb 1818    Item   
LAW/2/43    A, to [Thomas Lawrence]    16 Nov [1813?]    Item   
LAW/1/256    [Thomas Lawrence], to [Joseph Farington]    [Sep 1810]    Item   
LAW/1/209    T. L[awrence], to Joseph Farington, Charlotte Street    [23 Mar 1809]    Item   
LAW/1/207    T. L[awrence], to [Joseph Farington]    30 Mar 1809    Item   
LAW/1/178    Thos. Lawrence, to Joseph Farington    [24 Jan 1808]    Item   
LAW/1/95    R.P. Knight, to [unknown]    1 Mar [1802]    Item   
LAW/1/79    [draft, incomplete] Thomas Lawrence, to [?Richard Payne Knight]    [c.1796]    Item