Samuel Hooper

Died: 1793
Bookseller, print-seller, publisher (esp. of maps, music), in London.
Works of Art: 2
Books: 5
Archives: 0
Works associated with

Alderman John Sawbridge   
Alderman John Sawbridge
1 November 1772
Benjamin West

Mr Banks   
Mr Banks
15 April 1773
Benjamin West

Hogarth Moralized. Being A Complete Edition of Hogarth's Works. Containing near Fourscore Copper-Plates, most elegantly engraved. With An Explanation, Pointing out the many Beauties that may have hitherto escaped Notice; And A Comment on their Moral Tendency. Calculated to improve the Minds of Youth, and, convey Instruction, under the Mask of Entertainment. Now First Published, With the Approbation of Jane Hogarth, Widow of the late Mr. Hogarth.   - London: [1768]   
Cowley, John Lodge   The Theory Of Perspective Demonstrated; In A Method Entirely New. By which the several Planes, Lines, and Points, Used In This Art, Are Shewn By Moveable Schemes, in the true Positions in which they are to be considered. Invented, and now published for the Use of the Royal Academy at Woolwich. By John Lodge Cowley, Professor Of Mathematicks. - London [1766]   
Grose, Francis   The Antiquities Of England And Wales. By Francis Grose, Esq. F.A.S. Vol. I. (-Vol. IV.) - London. [1773-1776]   
Grose, Francis   Supplement To A Treatise On Ancient Armour, Being Illustrations Of Ancient And Asiatic Armour & Weapons. By Francis Grose, Esq. F.A.S. - London: [1789]   
Grose, Francis   A Treatise On Ancient Armour And Weapons, Illustrated By Plates taken from the original Armour in the Tower of London and other Arsenals, Museums, and Cabinets. By F. Grose, Esq: F.A.S. - London: [1785 [i.e. 1786]]