Thomas Hope

Born: 1769
Died: 1831
Businessman, connoisseur, designer, amateur architect; commissioner and collector of works of art, in Britain. Son of businessman John Hope (1737-84); father of Henry Thomas Hope (1808-62) and Alexander James Beresford Beresford Hope (1820-87).
Works of Art: 0
Books: 5
Archives: 10
Hope, Thomas   An Historical Essay On Architecture. By The Late Thomas Hope. Illustrated From Drawings Made By Him In Italy And Germany. Vol. I. (II. Illustrations.) - Third Edition. - - London: 1840.   
Hope, Thomas   Household Furniture And Interior Decoration, Executed From Designs By Thomas Hope. - London. 1807.   
Inwood, Henry William   The · Erechtheion · At · Athens · Fragments Of Athenian Architecture And A Few Remains Of Attica Megara And Epirus Illustrated With Outline Plates And A Descriptive Historical View Combining Also Under The Divisions Cadmeia Homeros And Herodotos The Origin Of Temples And Of Grecian Art Of The Periods Preceding By Henry William Inwood F.S.A. Joint Architect To St. Pancras Church Camden And Regent Square Chapels - London [1827]   
Compositions By John Flaxman, Sculptor, R.A. From The Divine Poem Of Dante Alighieri, Containing Hell, Purgatory And Paradise. With Quotations From The Italian, And Translations From The Version Of The Reverend H. Boyd, To Each Plate.   - London. Published May 1. 1807   
Gandy, Joseph Michael, A.R.A.   Designs For Cottages, Cottage Farms, And Other Buildings; Including Entrance gates And Lodges. By Joseph Gandy, Architect, A.R.A. - London: 1805.   
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