William Hunter

Born: 23 May 1718 in Long Calderwood, East Kilbride, Strathclyde, Scotland, United Kingdom
Died: 30 March 1783
Nationality: British
Professor of Anatomy 1768-1783
Works of Art: 3
Books: 1
Archives: 8
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Portrait of Dr William Hunter   
Portrait of Dr William Hunter
28 April 1783
Mason Chamberlin

Portrait of Dr William Hunter   
Portrait of Dr William Hunter
Mason Chamberlin

Écorché figure   
Écorché figure
Probably 1771
unidentified maker

Combe, Charles   Nummorum Veterum Populorum Et Urbium, Qui In Museo Gulielmi Hunter Asservantur, Descriptio Figuris Illustrata. Opera Et Studio Caroli Combe, S.R. et S.A. Lond. Soc. - Londini [1782]   
JU/1/80    F. M. Newton, Royal Academy, Somerset House [to Dr Hunter, Windmill Street]    29 May 1774    Item   
JU/1/78    F. M. Newton, Royal Academy, to Dr Hunter    30 Mar 1770    Item   
AND/2/77    [copy] Page 35 of the 1774 Academy catalogue    [c.1840]    Item   
LAW/5/399    Gil. Blane, Sackville Street, to [Thomas Lawrence]    [1829]    Item   
RAA/SEC/1/34    Diploma of William Hunter as Professor of Anatomy    [1768]    Item   
NOR/8    James Northcote, to Samuel Northcote, Plymouth    [29 Mar 1772]    Item   
NOR/7    James Northcote, to S. Northcote    21 Dec 1771    Item   
NOR/6    James Northcote, to [Samuel Northcote]    19 Dec 1771    Item