Hans Holbein, the younger

Born: ca. 1497
Died: 1543
Painter, draughtsman, designer; active in Basel (1516-26, 1528-32) and London (1526-8, 1532-43). Son of Hans Holbein 'the elder'.
Works of Art: 5
Books: 8
Archives: 11
Works after

Charles Brandon, 3rd Duke of...   
Charles Brandon, 3rd Duke of...
Francesco Bartolozzi

Henry Brandon, 2nd Duke of...   
Henry Brandon, 2nd Duke of...
Francesco Bartolozzi

Portrait of Erasmus of Rotterdam   
Portrait of Erasmus of Rotterdam
Veit Specklin
Works associated with

Sketch after Holbein's portrait of...   
Sketch after Holbein's portrait of...
Solomon Alexander Hart

Study after Holbein's portrait of...   
Study after Holbein's portrait of...
William Hilton

Chamberlain, Arthur B., (Arthur Bensley)   Hans Holbein the younger / by Arthur B. Chamberlain ; with 252 illustrations, including 24 in colour. In two volumes. - London 1913.   
Erasmus, Desiderius   Morias Encomion. Stultitiæ Laus. Des. Erasmi Rot. Declamatio, Cum commentariis Ger. Listrii, & figuris Jo. Holbenii. E codice Academiæ Basiliensis. Accedunt, Dedicatio Illustrissimo Colberto. Præfatio Caroli Patini. Vita Erasmi. Catalogus operum Erasmi. Vita Holbenii pictoris Bas. Opera Holbenii. Epistola Ger. Listrii ad Jo. Paludanum. Præfatio Erasmi ad Th. Morum. Epistola Erasmi ad Mart. Dorpium. Epistola Erasmi ad Th. Morum. Epistola Th. Mori ad Mart. Dorpium. Index rerum & vocum. [Device] - Basileæ, - [1676]   
Woltmann, Alfred Friedrich Gottfried Albert   Holbein und seine Zeit. Von Dr. Alfred Woltmann (, Privatdocenten der Kunstgeschichte an der Kgl. Universität zu Berlin). - Erster (Zweiter) Theil. - Mit (31) Holzschnitten (und einer Pholtolithographie). - Leipzig 1866. (- 1868.)   
Wornum, Ralph Nicholson   Some Account Of The Life And Works Of Hans Holbein, Painter, of Augsburg. With Numerous Illustrations. By Ralph Nicholson Wornum, Keeper And Secretary National Gallery. - London: 1867. (The Right of Translation is reserved.)   
Hegner, Ulrich   Hans Holbein der Juengere. Von Ulrich Hegner. - Mit des Meisters Bildnisse. - Berlin 1827.   
Rumohr, Karl Friedrich von   Hans Holbein der jüngere, in seinem Verhältniss zum deutschen Formschnittwesen. Von C. Fr. v. Rumohr. - Leipzig 1836.   
A Description Of Nine Historical Prints, Representing Kings, Queens, Princes, &c. Of The Tudor Family. Selected, Drawn, and Engraved, From The Original Paintings, By George Vertue, Late Engraver to the Society of Antiquaries of London.   - [London:] [1776]   
Imitations Of Original Drawings By Hans Holbein, In The Collection Of His Majesty, For The Portraits Of Illustrious Persons Of The Court Of Henry VIII. With Biographical Tracts. Published By John Chamberlaine, Keeper Of The King's Drawings And Medals, And F.S.A.   - London: 1792. [-1800.]   
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RI/1/97    W.B. Richmond, to [Ernest Tatham Richmond]    14 Jun 1908    Item   
RI/1/77    W.B. Richmond, Beavor Lodge, Hammersmith, to [Laura Richmond]    [1887-1888]    Item   
HU/5/83    Mrs. [Anne] Chamberlaine, Brompton, to Ozias Humphry    24 Mar 1800    Item   
HU/4/47    William Andre, Petworth, to [Ozias Humphry]    13 Jun 1790    Item   
GRI/3/536    James Horne, Bowhill, Selkirk, N.B., to George Richmond    6 Dec 1879    Item   
GRI/3/535    George Richmond, Arundel Castle, to Julia, 20 York St.    29 Nov 1879    Item   
GRI/3/534    Duchess of Buccleuch, Bowhill, to George Richmond    24 Nov [18]79    Item   
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GRI/3/333    C. T. Cantuar, Lambeth Palace, to George Richmond    12 Mar 1863    Item   
GRI/3/228    W.L. Melville, 21 Manchester Square, to George Richmond    24 Dec 1855    Item