William Holman Hunt

Born: 1827
Died: 1910
Pre-Raphaelite painter of religious and middle-eastern subjects. Active in London; travelled in the Holy Land 1854-6, 1869-72, 1875-8 and 1892.
Works of Art: 6
Books: 5
Archives: 19
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The Desolation of Egypt   
The Desolation of Egypt
William Holman Hunt
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The Lady of Shalott   
The Lady of Shalott
William Holman Hunt
Works associated with

William Holman Hunt   
William Holman Hunt
ca. 1850-1880
John Watkins

Holman Hunt   
Holman Hunt
ca 1865
The London Stereoscopic and Photographic Company

W. Holman Hunt   
W. Holman Hunt
ca 1864
The London Stereoscopic and Photographic Company

William Holman Hunt O.M. (1827-1910)   
William Holman Hunt O.M. (1827-1910)
ca. 1860s
David Wilkie Wynfield

Hunt, William Holman   Oxford Union Society : the story of the painting of the pictures on the walls and the decorations on the ceiling of the Old Debating Hall (now the Library) in the years 1857-8-9; by W. Holman Hunt. - Oxford 1906   
La Sizeranne, Robert de   English contemporary art - Westminster 1898.   
Finberg, A. J., (Alexander Joseph)   The English water colour painters - London ; New York [1906]   
Tennyson, Alfred Tennyson, 1st baron   Poems by Alfred Tennyson; illustrated by T. Crestwick, J. E. Millais, W. Holman Hunt, W. Mulready, J. C. Horsley, D. G. Rossetti, C. Stanfield, D. Maclise. - London 1857   
William Holman Hunt And His Works. A Memoir Of The Artist's Life, With Description Of His Pictures.   - London: 1860.   
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