Sir John Murray

Born: 1851
Died: 1928
Works of Art: 0
Books: 2
Archives: 6
Hodgson, John Evan, R.A.   The Royal Academy And Its Members 1768 - 1830 By The Late J.E. Hodgson, R.A. Librarian And Professor Of Painting In The Royal Academy And Fred A. Eaton, M.A. Secretary With Portraits And Illustrations - London 1905   
Leslie, George Dunlop, R.A.   The Inner Life Of The Royal Academy With An Account Of Its Schools And Exhibitions Principally In The Reign Of Queen Victoria By George Dunlop Leslie, R.A. With Illustrations - London 1914   
SP/6/12    [copy] John Murray, 50 Albemarle Street, to [William] Blackwood    29 Apr 1898    Item   
SP/6/11    George Wm. Blackwood, 37 Paternoster Row, London, to Spielmann    29 Apr 1898    Item   
SP/6/10    [William Blackwood] to John Murray    [1898]    Item   
SP/6/9    William Blackwood, 18 Albion Street, Hyde Park, London, to Spielmann    27 Apr 1898    Item   
SP/6/7    William Blackwood, 45 George Street, Edinburgh, to Spielmann    2 Apr 1898    Item   
RAA/SEC/18/14/1    Correspondence relating to publications by Frederick A. Eaton    1895-1902    File