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You can explore the Academy's collections of paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, historic books, archives, historic photographs and plaster casts here.

Use the Name field to search for artists or people or organisations associated with the creation of objects, books and documents in the collection, e.g. Joshua Reynolds; Vasari, Giorgio; Society of Dilettanti, etc.

You can enter a combination of terms, e.g. name, words from title, publisher, subject term, etc, in the All fields field, e.g. `turner and portrait`.

Limit the search to works produced in a particular year, or date range via the Date field, e.g. 30th January 1768; 1765; 1700:1770; 18th Century.

If you only want to retrieve records which have images, click the Image tick-box.

If you want to exclude one or more categories of records from your search you can de-select them using the Works of Art, Books or Archives check-boxes. (E.g., de-selecting Books, will limit your search to works of art and archive records only).

If you are interested in searching just one category of record, chose the Search Works of Art, Search Books or Search Archives search-screens instead.