Chiswick Press (London)

The Chiswick Press was founded by Charles Whittingham I (1767–1840) in 1811. The management of the Press was taken over in 1840 by the founder's nephew Charles Whittingham II (1795–1876). The name was first used in 1811, and the Press continued to operate until 1962. C. Whittingham I gained notoriety for his popularly priced classics, but the Chiswick Press became very influential in English printing and typography under C. Whittingham II who, most notably, published some of the early designs of William Morris.[1][2] The Chiswick Press deserves conspicuous credit for the reintroduction of quality printing into the trade in England when in 1844 it produced The Diary of Lady Willoughby. (Wikipedia)
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Dobson, Austin   Old Kensington palace : and other papers - London 1910   
Black, Charles Christopher   Michael Angelo Buonarroti, sculptor, painter, architect : the story of his life and labours / by Charles Christopher Black - London 1875   
Way, Thomas Robert   The ancient halls of the city guilds / drawn in lithography by Thomas R. Way, with some account of the history of the companies, by Philip Norman. - London [1903]   
Way, Thomas Robert   Later reliques of old London ; drawn in lithography by T.R. Way, with an introduction and description by H.B. Wheatley, F.S.A. - London MDCCCXCVII   
Stannus, Hugh Hutton   "I know of but One Art" Alfred Stevens and His Work being a Collection of 57 Autotypes with a brief Memoir & Account of his principal productions so far as they are known by Hugh Stannus Architect Lecturer on Applied Art at University College & Teacher of Architectural Ornament at the Royal Academy [epigraph in Greek letter] - London: 1891 (All rights reserved)   
The Decorative Work Of Robert & James Adam Being A Reproduction Of The Plates Illustrating Decoration & Furniture From Their "Works In Architecture" Published 1778-1812   - London [1901]   
The Drawings Of Flaxman In The Gallery Of University College London Autotype Reproductions From The Original Frames In Thirty-Two Plates With Descriptions And An Introductory Essay On The Life And Genius Of Flaxman By Sidney Colvin, M.A. Fellow Of Trinity College Cambridge And Slade Professor In The University   - London 1876   
Laurence Alma Tadema, R.A. - A Sketch Of His Life And Work. With A Portrait, An Autograph, And Twenty-Two Illustrations.   - London: 1895.   
Heaphy, Thomas Frank   The Likeness Of Christ: Being An Inquiry Into The Verisimilitude Of The Received Likeness Of Our Blessed Lord. By The Late Thomas Heaphy. Edited By Wyke Bayliss, F.S.A. - London: 1880.   
A Catalogue Of The Works Of John Phillip, R.A., Exhibited At The London International Exhibition, 1873. Compiled By His Executor Thomas Oldham Barlow, A.R.A.   - London: 1873. All copyrights reserved.   
Facsimiles Of Original Studies By Michael Angelo, In The University Galleries, Oxford. Etched By Joseph Fisher.   - London: 1865.   
Facsimiles Of Original Studies By Raffaelle, In The University Galleries, Oxford. Etched By Joseph Fisher.   - London: 1865.   
Britton, John   The History And Description, With Graphic Illustrations, Of Cassiobury Park, Hertfordshire: The Seat Of The Earl Of Essex. - By John Britton, F.S.A. Honorary Member Of The Institute Of British Architects, And Of Other English And Foreign Societies; Author Of The Architectural And Cathedral Antiquities, Etc. - London: [1837]   
Robinson, John Charles   Descriptive Catalogue of the Drawings by the Old Masters, forming the Collection of John Malcolm Of Poltalloch, Esq. By J.C. Robinson. - London: [1869]   
South Kensington Museum. Italian Sculpture of the Middle Ages and Period of the Revival of Art. A Descriptive Catalogue of the Works forming the above Section of the Museum, with additional Illustrative Notices. By J.C. Robinson, F.S.A. Member Of The Academy Of Fine Arts Of Florence, And Of St. Luke At Rome, Etc.; Superintendent Of The Art Collections Of The South Kensington Museum.   - London: 1862.   
Members And Associates Of The Royal Academy Of Arts 1891 Photographed In Their Studios By Ralph W. Robinson Of Redhill   - [London:] (1892.)   
Gemäldegalerie (Dresden)   The Dresden Gallery - One Hundred Photogravures Directly Reproduced From The Original Paintings In The Royal Gallery At Dresden - 133, New Bond Street London, W. [1909?]   
Gemäldegallerie (Berlin)   The Royal Gallery Of Paintings At Berlin The Emperor Frederick Museum One Hundred And Fifty-Three Photogravures Directly Reproduced From The Original Paintings In The Royal Museum At Berlin - 133, New Bond Street London, W. [ca. 1860?]   
Artists At Home Photographed By J.P. Mayall, And Reproduced In Facsimile By Photo-Engraving On Copper Plates. Edited, With Biographical Notices And Descriptions, By F.G. Stephens   - London: 1884. [All rights reserved.]   
Stephens, Frederic George   Memoirs Of Sir Edwin Landseer A Sketch Of The Life Of The Artist, Illustrated With Reproductuions Of Twenty-Four Of His Most Popular Works. Being a New Edition of "The Early Works of Sir Edwin Landseer." By F.G. Stephens Author Of "Flemish Relics" "Memorials Of Mulready" Etc. - London: 1874.