Benjamin Cole

Born: 1697?
Died: 1783
Works of Art: 1
Books: 4
Archives: 0
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Don Quixote desires to be...   
Don Quixote desires to be...
Benjamin Cole

Ware, Isaac   A Complete Body Of Architecture. Adorned With Plans and Elevations, From Original Designs. By Isaac Ware, Esq. Of His Majesty's Board of Works. In which are interspersed Some Designs of Inigo Jones, never before published. - London: [1756]   
Swan, Abraham   The British Architect: Or, The Builders Treasury Of Staircases. Containing: I. An easier, more intelligible, and expeditious Method of drawing the Five Orders, than has hitherto been published, by a Scale of Twelve equal Parts, free from those troublesome Divisions call'd Aliquot Parts. Shewing also how to glue up their Columns and Capitals. II. Likewise Stair-Cases, (those most useful, ornamental, and necessary Parts of a Building, though never before sufficiently described in any Book, Ancient or Modern;) shewing their most convenient Situation, and the Form of their Ascending in the most grand Manner: With a great Variety of curious Ornaments, whereby any Gentleman may fix on what will suit him best, there being Examples of all Kinds; and necessary Directions for such Persons as are unacquainted with that Branch. III. Designs of Arches, Doors, and Windows. IV. A great Variety of New and Curious Chimney-Pieces, in the most elegant and modern Taste. V. Corbels, Shields, and other beautiful Decorations. VI. Several useful and necessary Rules of Carpentry; with the Manner of Truss'd Roofs, and the Nature of a splay'd circular Soffit, both in a straight and Circular Wall, never published before. Together with Raking Cornices, Groins, and Angle Brackets described. - The Whole being illustrated with upwards of One Hundred Designs and Examples, curiously engaved by the best Hands, on Sixty Folio Copper-Plates. By Abraham Swan, Architect. - London: [1765?]   
A Catalogue of the Churches of the City of London; Royal Palaces; Hospitals; and Publick Edifices; Built by Sr. Christopher Wren Kt. Surveyor General of the Royal-Works, during Fifty Years: viz. from 1668, to 1718.   - [1749?]   
Morris, Robert   Lectures On Architecture. Consisting of Rules Founded upon Harmonick and Arithmetical Proportions in Building, Design'd As an Agreeable Entertainment for Gentlemen: And More particularly useful to all who make Architecture, or the Polite Arts, their Study. - Read to a Society establish'd for the Improvement of Arts and Sciences, and Explain'd, by Examples on Copper Paltes; with the Proportions apply'd to Practice. - By Robert Morris. - The Second Edition. - - London: [1759]