James Adam

Born: 1732
Died: 1794
Architect. Brother of architects John (1721-92) and Robert (1728-92).
Works of Art: 0
Books: 2
Archives: 1
The Decorative Work Of Robert & James Adam Being A Reproduction Of The Plates Illustrating Decoration & Furniture From Their "Works In Architecture" Published 1778-1812   - London [1901]   
Richardson, George   The New Vitruvius Britannicus; Consisting Of Plans And Elevations Of Modern Buildings, Public And Private, Erected In Great Britain By The` Most Celebrated Architects. Engraved On LXXII (LXX) Plates, From Original Drawings. (Volume II.) By George Richardson, Architect. Le Nouveau Vitruve Britannique; Qui Comprend Les Plans Et Élévations De Bâtimens Modernes, Tant Publics Que Particuliers, Érigés dans la Grande Bretagne Par Les Plus Célèbres Architectes. Contenant LXXII (LXX) Planches, Gravées D'Après Des Desseins Origineaux. (Tome Seconde.) - London: [1802 (-1808)]   
YE/6    Warrant appointing John Yenn as Clerk of the King's Works at New Park Lodge    10 Nov 1780    Item