Charles I, King of Great Britain

Born: 1600
Died: 1649
Prince of Wales 1616-25; King 1625-49.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 2
Archives: 3
Carpenter, William Hookham   Pictorial Notices: Consisting Of A Memoir of Sir Anthony Van Dyck, With A Descriptive Catalogue Of The Etchings Executed By Him: And A Variety Of Interesting Particulars Relating To Other Artists Patronized By Charles I. Collected From Original Documents In Her Majesty's State Paper Office, The Office Of Public Records, And Other Sources. - By William Hookham Carpenter. - - London: 1844.   
A Short View Of The Late Troubles In England; Briefly setting forth, Their Rise, Growth, and Tragical Conclusion. As also, some Parallel thereof with the Barons-Wars in the time of King Henry III. But chiefly with that in France, called the Holy League, in the Reign of Henry III. and Henry IV. late Kings of that Realm. To which is added A Perfect Narrative of the Treaty at Uxbridge in an. 1644.   - Oxford: [1681]   
HU/6/40    [draft] Ozias Humphry, H. Matthews, 26 Westmorland Row, Walworth Common, to the Duke of Montrose    31 Mar 1805    Item   
GRI/3/335    J.R. Herbert, House of Commons, to George Richmond    8 Aug 1863    Item   
236/9a/21    Augustus Egg, Nottingham, to [T. Miller]    18 Sep 1851    Item