Thomas Philip Robinson, 1st Earl de Grey

Born: 1781
Died: 1859
Draughtsman, and architect. First president (1835) of the Institute of British Architects (later R.I.B.A.).
Works of Art: 0
Books: 1
Archives: 4
Clayton, John   A Collection Of The Ancient Timber Edifices Of England. By Iohn Clayton, Architect. - London 1846.   
REY/1/25    Pocket book    1788    Item   
LAW/5/348    Grey, Berkley Sq., to Sir Thomas Lawrence, Russell Sq.    1 Aug 1829    Item   
LAW/5/122    Grey, Berkley Square, to [Thomas Lawrence]    14 Apr 1827    Item   
LAW/2/214    Grantham, St James Square, to Keightley    13 Sep 1831    Item