Benjamin Donn

Born: 1729
Died: 1798
Mathematician, and cartographer.
Works of Art: 0
Books: 2
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Donn, Benjamin   The Accountant And Geometrician: Containing the Doctrine Of Circulating Decimals, Logarithms, Book-Keeping, and Plane Geometry. Designed for the Use of Schools, as well as private Gentlemen. By Benjamin Donn, Teacher of the Mathematicks, &c. late of Bideford, now of the City of Bristol. - London: [1765]   
Donn, Benjamin   Mathematical Essays; Or A New Introduction to the Mathematics: Being Essays On Vulgar and Decimal Arithmetic. Containing, Not only the practical Rules, but also the Reasons and Demonstrations of them; with so much of the Theory, and of universal Arithmetic or Algebra, as is necessary for the better understanding the Practice and Demonstration. With A General Preface, On the Usefulness of Mathematical Learning. By Benjamin Donn, Master of the Mathematical Academy at Bristol. The Second Edition. With the Addition of Arithmetical Questions and Answers from more than Twenty Authors, and some Manuscripts. Nullius in Verba. - in Bristol;, in London. 1769.